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Tap Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Over time, taps leak. It doesn’t matter what type of tap you have, it has a lifespan. Sure, some will wear out faster than others, however in order to get the most life out of your taps, you’ll need to maintain them.

Some of the more common types of taps that we work with include the following. 

Did you know, there is an ancient form of torture called ‘Chinese water torture’? – Read more. 
This type of torture involved exposing people to dripping water for an extended period of time. 

Sure the water was dripping on someones head, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a valid point. That being, dripping taps are annoying.

Of course dripping taps are also an unnecessary waste of water and living in Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, water is not a commodity that we can afford to waste. 

At Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas, we can service, repair, replace and install any type of tap. If you’re currently putting up with your own form of torture, give us a call. 

On the less extreme side of the spectrum, here are some tap-related problems we can solve for you.


Cisterns and Toilets

Like taps, toilets and cisterns will eventually start leaking. Over time the rubber parts wear out and that results in water leaking. Likewise, the rubbers on the outlet of the toilets may also eventually fail, which I’m sure you can imagine, is a less pleasant repair. 

Regardless, leaking toilets and leaking cisterns are annoying and in most cases noisy. As the water escapes, the inlet valves do their job and replace the water which can at times sound like someone dragging their fingernails down a chalkboard. 

Diagnosis if key with cisterns and toilets. There are a lot of parts, so establishing what the actual problem is takes an experienced eye. In fairness to our customers also, we want to ensure that when replacing one part of the cistern, another is not about to go, so investigation is always in everyones interest. 

Here are some common symptoms that a leaking cistern or toilet might experience.

Don’t put up with a leaking cistern or toilet. Give us a call and we’ll put the problem to rest for you. 

Hot water safety (TV & TMV)

Hot water is no joke. As much as we rely on it, it can be very harmful. Especially to little hands. 

TV’s (Tempering Valves) and TMV’s (Thermostatic Mixing Valves) are designed to ensure that at any given hot water outlet, the water is not hot enough to cause any damage. 

As Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas, we’re certified to instal and maintain hot water safety devices and we’ll provide you with certification on every unit. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping you, your associates and your family safe. These devices do a wonderful job of preventing burns and unnecessary injury inflicted from hot water and steam. 

Give us a call today to discuss where your devices should be located around you home. That way, you can still have hot water where you need, like the kitchen and the laundry it and less hot water in places like bathrooms and powder rooms. 

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