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Water leaks. What a nightmare!

Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas have been operating as Brisbane leak detection specialists for a long time and it could not be more truthful to say that diagnosis can make or break a job…and your home. 

Our years of experience have led us to appreciate that leaks are very rarely what they seem. That’s why we invest in state of the art equipment to ensure that our diagnosis results in less holes in walls and a faster fixes. 

With that in mind, we like to think that the two things we’re really good at when it comes to burst pipes and water leaks are diagnosis and repair. 


How We Diagnose Leaks

Finding a water leak can literally be like finding a needle in a haystack. We’ve seen leaks appear in places that are no where near the leak source. They would be almost impossible to diagnose if it wasn’t for experience and technology. And did I mention, experience?

We’ve learned that water can and will track to places far and wide. Whatever the path of least resistance is. Understanding this and the way buildings are built is paramount. Things like ‘waterproofing membranes’ and ‘flashings’ can lead water on very mysterious paths. 

Over the years, we at Shaw’s Plumbing and Gas team have refined our leak detection process to streamline the process. This has involved a lot of ‘hard-earned’ lessons along the way and of course, the aid of modern technology. 

This is how we typically address a water leak call-out:

  • 1. Your call is taken and any emergency advice is offered immediately. Things like, how to isolate the water supply to stop the leak, etc.
  • 2. We'll book in a technician to attend to your property. Obviously emergencies take priority.
  • 3. Our technician applies their experience and equipment to diagnose the leak source.
  • 4. Once we know what the problem is, the client is informed with repair options.
  • 5. If the client agrees, the repair is carried out.
  • 6. If repairs are required beyond outside of the plumbing scope (think carpet, gyprock and cabinetry), we'll coordinate the trades on your behalf.
  • 7. Your home is restored and everyone is happy.

Repairing the water leak

Once the leak has been detected, the repair needs to be carried out. In most cases this is involves opening walls and ceilings, however, not always. Obviously the less damage, the better. 

Variables are always present and scenarios like ‘roof leaks’ and ‘burst pipes’ can often require a complex repair process. With Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas as your Brisbane leak detection and repair experts, our team will ensure that whatever needs to be done, will be done with minimal disruption.

Our team will ask all the right questions and keep everyone informed. 

Our Advanced Leak detection technology

Like most things, the leak detection technology is fast evolving. Now our technicians can literally hear and see in and behind walls and within cavities. They can even pick up temperature differentials for scenarios like ruptured hot water pipes behind walls. It’s pretty crazy. 

However, as mentioned, the leak detection technology evolves quite fast and at Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas, we like to use that as one of our competitive advantages against our competition. We’re not shy of investing in equipment that makes us better plumbers. Especially when it comes to leaks and drains

Often, water leaks are not what they seem. It’s not uncommon to not even know that you have a burst pipe. In fact in complexes like apartment blocks, it’s probable. A pipe bursts in an apartment wall and begins to leak downstairs, or next door.

Here are some signs that you might have a leak at your property. 

  • Your carpet is damp or wet. Typically we see this in areas that join showers and laundries.
  • You can hear a hissing sound behind walls or in ceiling spaces. Maybe even in the outside.
  • All of a sudden, you're experiencing a drop in water pressure.
  • You can see paint flaking or bubbling for no apparent reason.
  • You can visibly see mould starting to appear in places.
  • There are musky smells, generally associated with mould.
  • You're noticing water starting to appear in places like ceiling light fittings.

Give Shaw's Plumbing & Gas a call today if you feel you may be experiencing a water leak. Typically, the longer you leave it, the worse it will become.

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