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Blocked Drains are disgusting. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know first hand. If you haven’t, I bet you know someone that has. Luckily, Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas are well established and well regarded Brisbane blocked drain specialists, so you’re in safe hands. 

Obviously, blocked drains are extremely unsanitary, however there are lots of other ramifications that can arise as a result of a blocked drain. Here’s a handful:

Aside from the obvious health associated risks of blocked drains and blocked drain related scenarios, there are quite a few ‘less obvious’ ramifications that can arise from blocked drains. We’ve seen all of these in and around Brisbane. 

For the better part, most of these situations can be avoided. Of course not always, but often. 


Hi-Tech Blocked Drain Experts

You’d be amazed at how fast the technology in the blocked drains space moves. There are so many awesome tools that help us with the various stages of a blocked drain project, from detection and diagnosis, through to repair. 

As Brisbane blocked drain specialists, we are always investing in the latest and greatest tools for the job. 

Drain Camera's (CCTV)

This is kind of where the investigation starts. All of our trucks are equipped with CCTV drain camera’s, which essentially enable us to locate breaks, dislocations, blockages, obstacles, etc, so we can see what the problem is. 

The camera in the drain relays the signal to a monitor at ground level, so we can see and where necessary, record the investigation. This is handy when we need to provide evidence, or ‘before and after’ footage of projects. 

Pipe Locating

We can trace the location of a pipe using equipment that picks up an electrical current that is placed in the drain.

This is an extremely important asset when we come across situations that require excavation, as we can see the location, the depth and the orientation of the affected drains. 

High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

Back in the old days, we used to use an ‘electric eel’ to clear blocked drains, which used to work fine, however they ‘cleared’ the drain, without ‘cleaning’ the drain.

In Brisbane, we’re forever attending blocked drain calls that have come as a result of tree roots. I’s say, 90% of them, in fact. High pressure water jetting equipment not only clears the blockage, they completely remove anything and everything in the drain. 

Operating at over 3000psi, tree roots don’t stand a chance. The finished result is a clean drain that is completely root free. 

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

The only thing worse than a blocked drain is a ‘recurring’ blocked drain. And, if I’m honest with you, once a tree root has found its way into a drain, it’s likely to be back again. 

Our scheduled maintenance programs ensure that your (not yet) drains are regularly maintained to prevent the intrusions getting to the point where a blockage comes back. We work with you to program periodic visits and keep an eye on things for you. 

Regular attention equals far less, if any emergencies. 

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