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Backflow contamination can occur for a number of reasons. Typically speaking, contamination involves water entering back into the potable water supply somehow. This is why you need backflow prevention. 

Here in Brisbane, we’ve seen all types of situations where contaminated water has made its way back into the supply line. 

In Australia, we’re luck to have infrastructure in place that treats the water we drink, making it safe from the tap. This primary treatment of the water is one of the reasons that we all remain healthy – clean water. 

However, on the journey from the initial treatment, water purity can become compromised. These compromises can, and often do result in the water entering our property being contaminated. Backflow prevention devices will reduce and remove these risks. 

What exactly is ‘backflow’?

Typically, backflow happens as a result of ‘siphonage’. Siphonage occurs in scenarios where there is a build up of pressure at a given source, greater than the pressure in the pipes. Some of the common places that we see potential backflow risks are:

In the majority of cases (not all), especially in situations that involve Brisbane Water’s mains, backflow happens as a result of contaminated water, being siphoned into the mains from another source. 

Some of the more common situations that we’ve encountered, include:

However, very often circumstantial, the scenarios above often present backflow contamination risks. These risks need to be addressed by a professional plumber that has a backflow prevention certification, such at Shaw’s Plumbing and Gas, otherwise you’re potentially putting your family and colleagues at risk. 

Backflow prevention devices come in many shapes and sizes, according to the specific location and requirements of the project. For this reason, it’s important to engage a professional to guide you correctly and certify the instal. 

At Shaw’s Plumbing and Gas, we’re fully licensed and certified to carry out the installation and repair and maintain your backflow prevention devices. We regularly service ‘RPZD’s’, ‘Check Valves’ and ‘Double Check Valves’.

Give is a call today and make sure that your property remains uncontaminated. 


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