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Brad and Graham Shaw represent three generations of plumbers, offering a trusted brand of service to your home. Having experience in both commercial and residential plumbing means that our new builds and renovations are designed with future maintenance in mind. Shaw’s offers custom plumbing solutions to suit your household’s plumbing and gas requirements.

Pipe Repairing

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All plumbing and gas fitting work is guaranteed by Shaw’s Plumbing​​

General Plumbing

We provide general plumbing services across Riverhills and other West Brisbane suburbs. From residential plumbing issues to commercial projects - our team is across everything. Our custom solutions are perfect for a range of projects - whether you need someone to look at your hot water systems or to complete a renovation project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free quote!


Blocked Drains

We use high-tech drain cameras to detect drainage problems. To clean out a drain, we use high-pressure jets at 3000psi to clear out anything in the way. We also offer regular maintenance plans. The only worse thing about a blocked drain is a ‘recurring’ blocked drain. Once a tree root has found its way in a drain, it’s likely to be back again. Contact us with the form below to get your drains regularly checked. ​

Pipe Fixing

Backflow Testing

We’re fully licensed and certified to carry out installation, repair & maintenance of your backflow prevention devices. We service ‘RPZD’s’, ‘Check Valves’ and ‘Double Check Valves’. Backflow prevention devices come in many shapes and sizes, according to the specific location and requirements of the project. For this reason, it’s important to engage a professional to guide you correctly and certify the install.​


Leak Detection

Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas have been operating as Riverhills leak detection specialists for a long time and it could not be more truthful to say that diagnosis can make or break a job…and your home. Once you've booked in a call-out, our technicians take a look at the issue and repair options. If repairs require beyond our plumbing scope, we'll coordinate trades on your behalf. So you can live happy and safe in your leak-free home!


Hot Water Systems

An inefficient hot water system could mean more than the hot water running out. In fact, here are just a few tell-tale signs that you might have a poorly functioning hot water system - Your hot water runs out too fast, excessive energy bills, the water has a rusty colour to it, You can see water settling or pooling around your tank. These signs are symptoms of much bigger issues that could cost you a fortune to fix in the future. Taking care of your hot water systems allows you to keep your bills down and to save water wherever possible.

Professional Plumber

Water Efficiency Certificates

Water efficiency certificates are a must if you want to ensure your tenants pay out their water bills. Here's some information on what gets looked at: For toilets—a dual flush toilet with— (i) a maximum water volume of 6.5L for a full flush and 3.5L for a half flush; and (ii) an average flush volume of not more than 4L; For shower heads—a maximum flow rate of 9L a minute; (c) for internal cold water taps installed over a hand basin, kitchen sink or laundry trough—a maximum flow rate of 9L a minute.​

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