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COVID-19, Customer safe work practices

Shaw’s Plumbing & Gas (SPG) are committed to providing excellent service to our clients during this period of uncertainty. To ensure your safety we have established a set of safe work practices to protect the wellbeing of our staff and customers.


  • You will be advised of our standard COVID-19 prevention procedures that our staff will implement on site.
  • Please advise if you are of high risk of either carrying the virus or being adversely affected by the virus

Note: Note: We have respirator masks and disposable overalls available where potential exposure is unavoidable


  • 1. Off site job brief . This will save you $$money$$
  • 2. Minimise time spent on site by prepping our staff with as much information as possible.
  • A) Send photos / videos of the fault to or 0404138120.
  • B) Include a location of the fault eg. (Upstairs bathroom ensuite – basin)
  • C) Include a description of the fault eg. (Leak below basin)


  • A) Disinfect around the work area, we will then disinfect on completion of work. Leaving the work area as we found it.
  • B) Maintain our proposed exclusion zones (described in booking procedure)
  • C) Ensure clear access is available, minimise our tradesman opening doors and moving furniture, touching all your stuff!
  • D) Be sure to wash your hands before and after our visit
  • E) If you have flu-like symptoms and your job is not an emergency, please reschedule!

Note: After 60 years servicing the Westerns suburbs you can be assured that you’re in safe hands. That said, our staff have been advised not to shake hands! Please ensure social distancing as per government guidelines & SPG policies are adhered with.


  • To help during these tough times ahead:
  • A) SPG will absorb all credit card fees from our online credit card payment option, available to clients who pay on completion or on the same day as the invoice is issued.
  • B) Standard billing rates and fees will apply for the duration of the lockdown period
  • C) Whenever possible, we will limit the charge of PPE to call clients.
Thank you for your support.

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